Two Silly Goats 

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two silly goat bedtime stories for kids

Once upon a time, in a small village near a town, there were two silly goats. These goats were not just any ordinary goats. They were very proud and loved to show off. They lived in the same village as loads of people and animals. The village was surrounded by a beautiful river, and there was a narrow bridge that connected both sides of the village.

One fine day, the two silly goats found themselves at either end of the bridge. They both wanted to cross the bridge at the same time, but only one goat could cross it at a time. The problem was, neither goat wanted to let the other goat go first!

two silly goat bedtime stories for kids

These two silly goats were so proud and stupid that they started crossing the bridge at the same time. They met at the middle of the bridge and started pushing and fighting each other. Because the bridge was so narrow, neither of them could pass each other. They could not go backward because they were too proud.

In the end, the two goats fell from the bridge and into the river. They were so busy fighting that they forgot they were standing on a bridge! The poor goats drowned in the river and were never seen again.

two silly goat bedtime stories for kids

The End.

This is a funny story about two silly goats, but it also teaches us an important lesson. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our pride that we forget to think logically. If the two silly goats had taken turns crossing the bridge, they both could have made it safely across.

So remember, don’t be a silly goat! Be smart and think before you act. It’s always better to work together and take turns, instead of fighting and hurting each other.

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The author of the “Two Silly Goats” kids story is unknown as it is a popular folk tale that has been passed down through generations. Folk tales like “Two Silly Goats” often have multiple versions and variations, with different authors or storytellers contributing to their retelling over time. These stories are part of the oral tradition and are cherished for their entertaining and educational value. The specific author of the version you may be referring to is not attributed since it is a tale that has been shared and adapted by many storytellers throughout history.

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