Bedtime Poems and Rhymes

Five Little Monkeys Rhyme and Story

Once upon a time, there were five playful monkeys who loved to jump on a bed. It was quite a

Twas: The Night Before Christmas

If you've ever wanted to hear a magical story about Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, then you're in luck! There's

Rock A Bye Baby

“Rock A Bye Baby” is one of the most beloved lullabies for kids. This sweet and soothing poem has been

Jingle Bells Lyrics: A Fun-Filled Christmas Song

The song’s lyrics are about Santa Claus and his elves dashing through the snowy landscape in a one-horse open sleigh.

Lion and the Mouse Rhyme

Lion lies sleeping, silent and still, Along comes a mouse and thinks he’s a hill. Up the great body, the

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