The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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bedtime story for kids

Once upon a time, on a green grassy hill lived three billy goat brothers. Gruff was their last name. The three of them loved munching on sweet-grassy treats until they had eaten all the grass on their hill. 

With no more grass to eat, the goats became worried. They knew they needed to find a new grazing spot, or else they would die from hunger. Little billy goat Gruff asked his big brothers, “Brothers, what will we do now?”

bedtime story for kids
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The smartest of the brothers, the biggest billy goat Gruff, decided they should go to the hill on the other side of the bridge. Unbeknownst to them though, a big, bad troll lived under that bridge.

The goats began crossing the bridge one by one. Little billy goat Gruff went first. As he was tip-tapping over the bridge, the greedy troll heard his hooves tapping. The troll yelled, “Who is tip-tapping on my bridge? I will gobble you up!”

But little billy goat Gruff was clever. He told the troll he was just a small goat with a shabby and thin coat. He said, “My brother is much bigger than me. You should eat him and let me go.” The greedy troll, being too greedy to think straight, let the little goat go.

Next, big billy goat Gruff came tip-tapping over the bridge. The troll wasted no time. He jumped on the bridge and screamed, “Who is tip-tapping here, on my bridge? I will eat you up!” But this goat too was clever.

He slyly told the troll that even a bigger goat would be crossing the bridge later. The troll, once again, let the goat go after his greed muddled his mind.

Finally, the biggest billy goat Gruff, the strongest of the brothers, came tip-tapping on the bridge. This time, the greedy troll couldn’t resist.

He jumped straight on the goat, yelling, “I will gobble you up, I will gobble this goat up!” But the troll didn’t know that this goat was stronger than he was.

Without hesitation, the biggest billy goat Gruff knocked the troll off the bridge in one swift motion. Afterward, the goats found the sweet, sweet grass they had been hoping for on the other side of the bridge while the greedy troll went for a swim.

This classic tale teaches children valuable life lessons such as the importance of being clever and quick-witted and the power of teamwork. The Three Billy Goats Gruff also encourages children to use their imagination, to think outside of the box, and to find creative solutions to problems.

The End

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