Rock A Bye Baby

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rock a bye baby rhyme

“Rock A Bye Baby” is one of the most beloved lullabies for kids. This sweet and soothing poem has been sung to countless infants for centuries. The origin and history of this timeless classic dates back to the early 1500s, and it continues to be loved and celebrated by children around the world.

rock a bye baby rhyme
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Rock a bye baby

On the treetop,

When the wind blows

The cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks

The cradle will fall,

But mama will catch u

Cradle and all.

Baby is drowsing

Cozy and fair,

Mother sits near

In her rocking chair.

Forward and back

The cradle she swings,

And though baby sleeps

He hears what she sings.

Hush a by baby

Up in the sky,

On a soft cloud

it’s easy to fly.

Angels watch keep watch

Over as u sleep,

So hush a by baby

Don’t make a peep.

Rock a by baby

Do not u fear,

Never mind baby

Mother is near.

Wee little fingers

Eyes are shut tight,

Now sound asleep

Until morning light.

These lyrics describe a mother who is gently rocking her baby to sleep on the treetop. The cradle sways back and forth as the breeze blows, and the baby is lulled into a deep sleep. The mother assures her child that she will catch the cradle if it falls.

The mother then sings to her baby, telling them that the angels are watching over them. She encourages the child to sleep soundly and not to be afraid because she is near. The song ends with the baby drifting off to sleep.

For parents, “Rock A Bye Baby” is a reminder of the bond between mother and child. It is a reminder of the importance of nurturing and caring for our children, of reassuring them that we are there for them and that they are loved.

Legend has it that “Rock A Bye Baby” was written by an anonymous pilgrim who sailed to America on the Mayflower. During the journey, the pilgrim observed Native American women rocking their infants to sleep in birch-bark cradles. These cradles were suspended on branches of trees and were moved by the gentle breeze. The pilgrim was moved by the sight and was inspired to write this beautiful lullaby.

However, the actual origins of “Rock A Bye Baby” are not known and there are many different versions of the lullaby. It is believed that the earliest known version of the poem appeared in the 1765 edition of “Mother Goose’s Melody” in London.

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