Tiana’s Froggy Adventure

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Princess Tiana bedtime story for kids

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Tiana who lived in a cozy house in New Orleans with her father. They loved to cook together and made the best gumbo in the whole city.

Princess Tiana bedtime story for kids

It was their dream to open a family restaurant one day. Tiana used to wish upon the Evening Star that their dream would come true.

As Tiana grew up, she never stopped wishing for her own restaurant. But she knew that wishing alone wouldn’t make her dream come true. She worked hard to make it a reality. But that left no time for fun or for love.

One day, her friend Charlotte asked Tiana to bake her famous beignets for a masquerade ball for a prince named Harry. With the money from the beignets, Tiana would be one step closer to buying her own restaurant.

Dressed in a princess costume for the ball, Tiana made one more wish upon the Evening Star, still hoping it could make her dream come true.

Princess Tiana bedtime story for kids

Suddenly, a talking frog appeared out of nowhere. It was Prince Harry! A magic spell had turned him into a frog.

Only a kiss from a princess could break the spell, and Harry thought Tiana was a real princess. Tiana didn’t want to kiss a frog, but Harry offered to help her open a restaurant. So she closed her eyes and kissed him. But instead of turning back into a prince, she turned into a frog!

Princess Tiana bedtime story for kids

Tiana and Harry left the ball and went on an adventure to turn themselves human again. They met an alligator named Louis who played the trumpet and a firefly named Ray who was in love with the Evening Star. They finally found Mama Odie, who showed them the importance of seeing what they needed, not just what they wanted.

They rushed back to the ball, but it was too late. The clock had struck midnight, and they were frogs forever. But they had each other and love which was all they really needed. They got married in the bay among their friends. Once they were wed, Tiana became a real princess and when she kissed Harry, they both became human again.

Together, Harry and Tiana opened their dream restaurant. Tiana finally had everything she wanted and all that she needed.

So remember, kids, dreams can come true if you work hard and believe in yourself. And if you happen to meet a talking frog, don’t be afraid to kiss it! It might just lead you to your happily ever after.

The End

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