The Golden Touch Story

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the golden touch bedtime story

Once upon a time, there was a king named George. He did a good thing for a spirit of nature called a Julian, and in return, the God of Wine, Atlas, granted him a wish.

George was so excited about his wish that he asked for everything he touched to turn into gold. Even though everyone tried to warn him, Atlas insisted and got his wish.

At first, George was happy with his new found power. He started touching everything around him and turning them into solid gold.

But then, George got hungry. When he tried to eat some food, he realized that it turned into gold as soon as he touched it. He couldn’t eat anything!

George felt really sad and said, “I’m going to starve! Maybe this wish wasn’t so great after all!”

His beloved daughter saw how upset he was and hugged him to comfort him. But unfortunately, she also turned into gold. George cried out, “Having the golden touch is not a blessing!”

the golden touch bedtime story

The lesson we learn from this story is that being greedy always leads to bad things happening

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