The Foolish Monkey and The King

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foolish monkey and the king kids bedtime stories

Once upon a time, there was a king who loved monkeys. He even had a favorite monkey who he treated like a best friend! The monkey was so clever that the king thought he was just like a human being.

One day, the king went to the forest to hunt animals and birds. When he came back, he was very tired and sleepy. So, he asked his monkey friend to guard him while he slept.

The monkey took his job very seriously and sat beside the king with a sword in his hand. After a while, a fly started buzzing around the room and finally landed on the king’s face! The monkey tried to shoo the fly away, but it kept coming back.

foolish monkey and the king kids bedtime stories

The monkey got so angry that he decided to kill the fly with his sword. But unfortunately, the sword accidentally cut off the king’s nose instead! The poor king woke up without a nose and had to live like that forever.

foolish monkey and the king kids bedtime stories

Now, kids, we don’t want you to go around cutting off people’s noses with swords. But this story teaches us that sometimes, we get angry and do things we shouldn’t. So, next time you get mad, take a deep breath and count to ten before you do anything you might regret!

The End

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