Rabbit and Falling Sky Story

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Once upon a time, there was a rabbit who was napping in a grove of coconut trees. Suddenly, a ripe coconut fell down and made a loud noise. The rabbit woke up instantly and was startled, “Oh no! The sky is falling!” he exclaimed and started running frantically.

bedtime stories for kids

Soon, another rabbit saw him and asked, “Why do you look so scared?” The panicked rabbit shouted back, “The sky is falling!” Hearing this, more and more animals started to join in the frenzy. Even the mighty lion witnessed this and was taken aback by the chaos.

The lion roared loudly, which stopped all the animals. Then, he asked, “Has anyone seen the sky falling?” The trembling rabbit stepped forward and told everything he knew. The lion inspected the rabbit’s spot and found the fallen coconut fruit. He realized that there was no danger, and the rabbit had overreacted for nothing.

The lion advised the rabbit to look around before creating such chaos. The rabbit was embarrassed and asked for everyone’s forgiveness, and everyone learned an important lesson.

The moral of the story is, sometimes we tend to overreact without knowing all the facts. We should take a moment to look around and assess the situation before jumping into conclusions. Life is funny, and sometimes the smallest things can teach us the most important lessons.

The End

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