The Selfish Giant

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the selfish giant kids bedtime story

Once upon a time, in a beautiful city, there was a lovely garden where kids would play after school. It was filled with colorful flowers and a big peach tree that made everyone happy. The birds sang the most mesmerizing songs, and in spring, the plants bloomed with beautiful flowers, while in winter, they offered sweet fruits. The kids were overjoyed, but their happiness didn’t last long.

You see, the garden belonged to a selfish giant who had been away at his friend’s house for seven years. When he returned, he scolded the children and built a giant wall around the yard, bringing an everlasting winter to the garden.

the selfish giant kids bedtime story

The trees, grass, and birds were sad because no one was around to enjoy their beauty or listen to the bird’s songs. The trees stopped blooming, and the birds stopped singing. Even though spring came to the rest of the country, it forgot to enter the garden.

The giant couldn’t understand why winter persisted. The grasses were covered in a white sheet of snow, and frost painted the trees silver. The chilly winds from the North brought hail that broke the chimney and roof slates.

One day, the children couldn’t resist anymore and made a hole in the wall. They entered the garden, and suddenly, spring arrived. Birds started singing, and the giant woke up from his long sleep. The sound of the bird’s chirping felt like music fit for a king.

When the giant looked outside, he saw the children playing and the trees happily bending their branches to welcome them. Finally, he understood why spring had been late.

the selfish giant kids bedtime story

In the garden, he spotted a small kid trying to climb a tree covered in frost and snow. The tree had already lowered its branches, but the kid was still too tiny to reach. The giant approached quietly from behind and helped the kid climb.

The kid was thrilled and even gave the giant a big kiss on the cheek. Other children were scared at first, but when they saw the giant’s kindness, they also became happy. The giant asked the kid to stay and then broke down the wall.

the selfish giant kids bedtime story

From that day on, children played in the garden and thanked the giant. The giant asked about the little kid, but no one else seemed to know who he was. They all said they had never seen him before. Days passed, and the giant missed him dearly because he was the boy who had kissed his cheek.

the selfish giant kids bedtime story

Years went by, and the giant grew old, but he never forgot the kid. He no longer feared the winter because he knew it would pass. One day, he saw the same little kid playing on the same tree. The giant couldn’t contain his excitement and ran towards him, shouting, “Where have you been?” As he approached, he noticed big nail scratches on the kid’s hands and feet. The giant was furious and demanded an explanation. The child simply replied, “Those are the wounds of love.”

The boy turned out to be an angel who had come to take the giant to paradise. He said, “Once you let me into the garden, and now I have come to take you to paradise.”

The next day, when the children came to play in the afternoon, they found the giant lying peacefully, covered in white flowers near the tree.

the selfish giant kids bedtime story

The moral of the story is that kindness and love can melt even the coldest of hearts. Just like the giant, we should learn to share and be kind to others. It’s important to remember that true happiness lies in making others happy and spreading joy wherever we go.

The End

Meet the Brilliant Mind Behind the Story! ????

The author of the beloved children’s story “The Selfish Giant” is Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet, playwright, and novelist who lived during the late 19th century. He was known for his wit, charm, and extravagant lifestyle, which often reflected in his literary works.

Born on October 16, 1854, in Dublin, Ireland, Wilde displayed a remarkable talent for writing from an early age. He attended Trinity College, Dublin, and later pursued further studies at Magdalen College, Oxford. Wilde’s sharp intellect and eloquence set him apart, earning him a reputation as one of the most prominent literary figures of his time.

“The Selfish Giant” is one of Wilde’s most cherished works for children, showcasing his ability to captivate young readers with enchanting tales. Published in 1888 as part of the collection “The Happy Prince and Other Tales,” this story explores themes of selfishness, compassion, and the transformative power of love.

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