The Beauty and the Beast short story

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The Beauty and the Beast short story

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a merchant and his daughter named Beauty. They were very close. One day, the merchant got lost in a mysterious forest. But don’t worry, because the story is about to get interesting!

Lost and tired, the merchant discovered a huge castle. Since no one was around, he decided to stay there for the night. Little did he know, this castle had some special secrets. The next morning, the merchant saw the most beautiful roses in the castle’s garden. Thinking of his daughter Beauty, he picked one as a gift.

Suddenly, a scary beast appeared with a loud roar! The merchant, scared and shaking, explained that he just wanted the rose for his daughter. Surprisingly, the beast, although fierce-looking, was kind. It made the merchant promise to send Beauty to the castle. The merchant agreed, worried about what might happen to his daughter.

Back at home, he sadly told Beauty the story. But Beauty, being wise and brave, reassured her father. She decided to go to the beast’s castle. At first, she was scared, but as time passed, she discovered the beast was gentle and friendly. They became good friends.

One day, Beauty looked into a magical mirror the beast gave her and saw her sick father. She felt sad and wanted to go home. The beast, with a kind heart, let her leave. The reunion with her father brought so much joy, and he quickly got better.

But Beauty couldn’t forget the beast. Through the magical mirror, she saw him suffering. Without hesitation, she went back to the castle. There, she found the beast in pain. With tears, Beauty hugged him and said she loved him. In that moment, something magical happened.

The scary beast turned into a handsome prince! Beauty was amazed. The prince explained that Beauty’s love broke the spell that turned him into a beast. They got married, and their love lasted forever.

So, kids, remember the magic of love, kindness, and looking beyond appearances. In this special story, Beauty and the prince lived happily ever after, showing us that true beauty comes from within. Sleep tight, little ones!

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